I.N.T.K. Brand LLC was founded by two childhood friends, David Landry and Kay Jackson. I.N.T.K., an acronym for "in a tank", is a nod to creating our own world of opportunities. I.N.T.K. Brand is supported by a team of like-minded individuals dedicated to constructing events, organizations and companies that spawn opportunities that are not readily available for young creators and entrepreneurs of color. We just want to make it easier for all of us to be creative, thrive and pursue our dreams.


Building 6ix is a nonprofit organization with the mission to educate and support 6 innovative teenagers (ages 15-19yo) desiring to pursue art as a career. Without accessibility to coaching, exhibiting, and networking, the growth of an artist is hindered including the opportunity to continually nurture one’s craft professionally. 

To assist, Building 6ix will host a number of pop-up workshops until we have the ability to rent/buy a space of our own. The pop-ups will provide free resources such as a workspace to create, supplies, and mentorship to our spirited teenage artists. In addition to having a safe-haven to nurture their craft, 6 members have the opportunity to showcase their artwork in our 6 bi-monthly exhibitions. The goal is for each young artist to grow and develop a broad portfolio to be used for higher education, entrepreneurship and/or employment opportunities.


Our House is a full service vinyl and screen printing studio specializing in high-quality, detail oriented printing and design. Soon, Our House will also provide live printing, workshops, work spaces, and gallery rentals.